Task Forces

Volunteers and volunteer leadership supports much of the work of MCEDSV. Many actively participate in our task forces and workgroups, and we are deeply grateful to the organizations for lending their staff to these important volunteer leadership positions with MCEDSV.


Children's Task Force

Mission/Purpose: The task force dedicates itself to enhancing services for children and families who have experienced domestic and sexual violence. The purpose of the Task Force is to raise awareness about the effects of violence on children and to share information and resources in order to better serve those children. Meetings are conducted bi‐monthly and are open to staff and volunteers of agencies working to address domestic or sexual violence.  Follow this link to read more.


LBGTIQ & Allies Task Force

Mission/Purpose: To encourage improved and more inclusive services to lesbian, bisexual, gay, transgender, intersex, and queer/questioning (LBGTIQ) survivors, and to provide a supportive and inclusive working environment for LBGTIQ service provider staff and volunteers. Follow this link to read more.


Women of Color Task Force

Mission/Purpose: The task force is a mechanism for identification and development of sisterhood among women of color involved in domestic and sexual violence work throughout the state of Michigan. We work to encourage leadership and to empower women of color through professional development and enhanced training opportunities. The Women of Color Task Force strives to improve services affecting all survivors of domestic and sexual violence in communities of color. Follow this link to read more.


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