Local Prevention Work in Michigan

The leadership of the Michigan Coalition to End Domestic and Sexual Violence has never been more important and necessary to create social change for future generations. MCEDSV is proud to be a part of the incredible efforts of our member agencies and local partners throughout Michigan. Their commitment to community involvement and social change is vital in our work to prevent domestic and sexual violence.


We appreciate everyone's support of our strategic initiatives and alliances to advance primary prevention and social change. Featured below are examples of exciting prevention achievements made possible by the commitment and generosity of stakeholders, donors, and other social change leaders.



Lakeshore Alliance Against Domestic and Sexual Violence


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The Lakeshore Alliance Team works with youth to develop their leadership, confidence and communication skills. The goal is to help them engage their peers and promote healthy relationships. Youth participating in the programs are empowered to be student leaders who inspire their peers, parents, schools and communities. Participants believe we all have the opportunity to confront attitudes that support violent behavior by questioning sexist jokes and derogatory language. 



ACCESS Arab American Coalition Against Domestic and Sexual Violence


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The Arab American Coalition Against Domestic and Sexual Violence is a diverse group committed to creating awareness and promoting domestic and sexual violence prevention. They strive to change social norms that support or condone violence by developing and implementing prevention activities among Arab Americans. This includes nearly 100 sessions of anti-bullying and healthy relationships curricula within the Dearborn community and Dearborn Heights public schools.


ACCESS Pledge:

I promise to never commit, condone, or remain silent about domestic violence, sexual assault, child abuse or other forms of violence against women, men and children.


I will encourage members of my community to live violence‐free, and I will work together with men and women to end all interpersonal violence.



Underground Railroad and Health Delivery Saginaw School-Based Health Center


Underground Railroad and Health Delivery School-Based Health Center in Saginaw partner to build awareness on the issues of teen sexual health, pregnancy prevention, and dating violence prevention. This includes developing presentations, distributing materials and resources, and engaging youth in a leadership role on issues of prevention and respectful relationships.


Saginaw High School School-Based Health Center Teen Advisory Council members created a video showing short clips of individual students talking about what respect means to them. It ends with the students expressing their gratitude to their role models—from mothers to teachers- who have taught them respect.






Preventing domestic and sexual violence of all people has been the goal of the violence against women movement since its earliest efforts. Ending oppression, promoting safety and equity, and working for social change are essential values of our movement. It has been understood throughout the history of domestic and sexual violence advocacy that we cannot end the violence until we address the historical and societal norms that condone its occurrence. This is why social change and social justice efforts are the core of MCEDSV's mission and philosophy.


We are committed to helping our member agencies, their communities and our state and local partners as they work to change the societal norms, practices, and behaviors that allow or condone perpetration of abuse. Our support includes a variety of programs, technical assistance and training that are designed to empower communities to implement prevention activates and programming in ways that are inclusive, relevant and sustainable.


Prevention consists of an array of activities and behaviors that strive to reduce perpetration, increase survivor safety and promote the end of domestic and sexual violence. This includes campaigns to raise awareness, community dialogues, short and long term educational programs, and public policy advocacy. MCEDSV engages in prevention efforts that address root causes related to sexism, gender stereotypes and social norms, and involve efforts to change attitudes and beliefs, which must occur before we will see a change in behaviors. This includes several projects that focus on Primary Prevention, approaches that take place before an incident occurs in an effort to prevent first time perpetration.


Specific projects at MCEDSV that focus on Primary Prevention include Domestic Violence Prevention Enhancement and Leadership Through Alliances (DELTA), Rape Prevention Education (RPE) and Mobilizing Men and Boys in Michigan (M3).

Statewide Prevention Plan and Executive Report

Intimate partner and sexual violence are critical issues that call for community-oriented approaches to stopping violence before it starts. The Michigan Coalition to End Domestic and Sexual Violence (MCEDSV) works with many statewide and national groups to help professionals, advocates and volunteers to reach-out to all communities to prevent the potential first-time occurrence of intimate partner and sexual violence.


The Statewide Prevention Plan and Executive Report of the Michigan Domestic and Sexual Violence Prevention Steering Committee (PSC) highlights these three goals:  

  • Ensure state and local resources for primary prevention of intimate partner and sexual violence
  • Elevate the profile of primary prevention as a priority policy issue
  • Communities will work together to bring about the needed social change to end intimate partner and sexual violence


Definitions used by the PSC:


Primary Prevention- reduces the incidence of intimate partner and sexual violence by changing the societal norms, practices and behaviors that support the perpetration of abuse. The emphasis of primary prevention efforts is on preventing new cases of abuse from occurring.   


Intimate Partner Violence (IPV) – is a pattern of coercive and controlling behavior that one partner uses on another to gain or maintain power and control. This can happen in a marital, dating, or cohabitating relationship. It can also happen between current or former mates. These behaviors may include physical or sexual assault, emotional abuse, isolation, economic coercion or abuse, threats, stalking or intimidation and more. IPV can occur in any relationship, heterosexual or same-sex couples.


Sexual Violence (SV) – is any sexual act that happens against someone's will. SV can be physical, verbal or emotional. It includes intentional touching of genitals, anus, groin or breast against a victim's will or without consent. This includes voyeurism, exhibitionism, or unwanted exposure to pornography. The perpetrator can be a stranger, family member, friend, intimate partner or an acquaintance.


Prevention Brochures available for download:

Prevention Plan Brochure (in English)


Prevention Plan Brochure (in Spanish)


Prevention Plan Brochure (in Arabic)


Executive Report available for download:

Executive Report on Prevention (in English)


Executive Report on Prevention (in Spanish)


Executive Report on Prevention (in Arabic)




Children, Teen and Youth Leaders Resources

Youth Sexual Violence Prevention Programs


That’s Not Cool Launches Ambassadors Program

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Dating Violence



Prevention in Michigan

MCEDSV is proud of the prevention work happening in Michigan.

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