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What is the Hotline?

It is a 24/7 confidential service that is operated by advocates who are trained to provide immediate crisis counseling, advocacy and referral. This means that we will not share your information. It is also anonymous. This means you share as much or as little about your identity as you see fit. The information that you share with us, stays with us. The hotline is free of charge and can be used as many times as needed.


Who is the Hotline for?

The State of Michigan Sexual Assault Voices 4 Hotline is for anyone in the state of MI who has experienced sexual violence at any point in their lifetime. The hotline is for anyone who is a survivor, is working with a survivor, supporting a survivor, or who is seeking information on sexual assault services.The hotline serves sexual assault survivors who identify as people of color, LGBTQI-2S, living with a disability, Limited English Proficient, homeless identified, and any other way a survivor may identify.


How does it help?

The State of MI Sexual Assault Voices 4 Hotline allows for those who have called the line to have an anonymous and confidential place to share about their assault and/or to ask questions about sexual assault. The hotline can provide information on sexual assault and answers questions that are pertaining to understanding the dynamics of sexual assault. Each advocate is trained to listen to what each caller has said in order to know and address the issue that has led to the call. The hotline provides for each caller to have an opportunity to not only be heard, but to be believed. This is essential for anyone who has experienced sexual assault.






Technology and Administrative Specialist

Michigan Coalition to End Domestic and Sexual Violence Position Description:
Technology and Administrative Specialist

I. Position Overview


As the technology and administrative specialist of a technically sophisticated nonprofit, you are responsible for the management of all technical facets of the programmatic side of the organization, as well as provide management of the day-to-day functionality of the office. This key member of the team is expected to maintain a consistent office schedule on a full-time basis in order to interact with staff regularly and troubleshoot any technological issues that may arise and keep the office organized, stocked and assist staff on administrative and secretarial support. This position is also responsible for the delivery of solutions around office technology and equipment- servers, desktops, laptops, networked printers/scanner, mobile devices, projector, website, user instruction etc.

II.Typical Duties:

Duties Related to Office Management

  • Assist with aspects of office management and implementation as directed; perform general secretarial tasks, including sorting, filing, photocopying, assembly of materials, mass mailings, administrative filing and archiving and other tasks as required. Responsible for timely turnaround of materials.
  • Review, format, and print correspondence, reports, announcements, and other written materials; take minutes of all staff, project and planning meetings as required.
  • Program, training and grant report writing support and assisting in the compiling of materials for Board of Directors/Audits.
  • Makes travel arrangements for staff as directed and ensures expense obligation forms and procedures are completed in a timely matter.
  • Proofreads outgoing correspondence, memos, reports, and documents for accuracy.
  • Assists with scheduling of training space, conference lines, meetings, etc.
  • Assists with the assembly of all materials for trainings, conferences and meetings, including photocopying and assembly into training materials when necessary.
  •  Responsible for internal conference room meeting setup, and general clean up and straightening, including all common spaces, or office spaces used for meetings.

Duties Related to Technology Management

  • Maintain awareness of industry best practices and be able to make recommendations based on such.
  • Track depreciation and take inventory of all technology and equipment.
  • Have the ability to update and manage servers, software, back-up systems and QuickBooks; as well as the ability to manage the back end of website and Outlook.
  • Administrator responsibilities of new hire onboarding, list serve set-up and support, voicemail system management, and some vendor management.
  • Troubleshoot and communicate with staff around user issues of the organizational technology Communicate with vendors and help desks in a productive and efficient manner to resolve technology issues in a timely manner.

III. Qualifications

  • Proven ability in executive, secretarial and administrative support, with minimum of 2 years’ relevant experience.
  • Proven ability in technological support with a minimum of 3 years’ experience.
  • ndividual must have excellent communication skills, both written and verbal.
  • Must be able to show personal initiative as well as be able to work collaboratively as a member of a team.
  • Ability to self-manage in order to meet deadlines as well as take feedback when necessary.
  • Demonstrated ability to develop and maintain cooperative relations with a diversity of individuals, organizations and other stakeholders.
  • Highly organized, accurate, detail-oriented and able to work independently to provide high-quality support to training and executive staff.

IV. Reports to 


Operations Director and Hotline Technology Manager


V. Status: Non-exempt 

VI. Pay/ Benefits


  •  $18.75/hour
  • Fringe benefits package
  • 401k Contribution

Please submit resume and cover letter to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it." target="_blank" rel="noopener noreferrer" data-auth="NotApplicable">This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Transgender, LGB, minority and non-traditional candidates strongly encouraged to apply.
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