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October 2012 marks the twenty fifth anniversary of Domestic Violence Awareness Month (DVAM). The Michigan Coalition to End Domestic and Sexual Violence (MCEDSV) is honored to commemorate this significant milestone in our movement with all of you.


Lately, MCEDSV and the Michigan Resource Center on Domestic and Sexual Violence have seen an increased interest in materials and information about performance, visual and creative art as a way of healing for survivors and to raise awareness on domestic and sexual violence in communities. Performers and interactive sessions at the recent MCEDSV 2012 annual conference were well received and have led to numerous advocates reaching out to performers, presenters and MCEDSV staff to incorporate this information into their work. In an effort to be green and increase capacity of our member agencies to utilize technology in the movement, we have created an interactive, web-based DVAM toolkit for this year.


Michigan’s 2012 Domestic Violence Awareness Month toolkit includes an interactive, on-line packet on using art in your local awareness activities. The creative arts offer a powerful vehicle for developing mainstream messaging about gender roles and violence. The artistic process can be used as a tool for survivors to heal from trauma, share experiences, and educate others in unique and memorable ways.


We have divided this year’s toolkit into two main sections: Create and Engage.


Create includes links for important considerations for creating art, how-to instructions and websites that feature survivor art. This section focuses on the process of creating art as a way to heal from trauma and contemplate domestic violence in a larger community context. Art provides a space for survivors to express themselves and their stories in a different way. Sharing experiences through art can be empowering to survivors, youth and advocates; allowing them the freedom to disclose and convey emotions from their deeply personal stories.


Engage includes considerations for sharing art and hosting art events, how-to instructions for hosting events, and links to examples of using social media to share art. This section focuses on utilizing art to provide new perspectives and opportunities for sharing information with communities. Art provides a vehicle for sharing powerful concepts, discussing taboo topics and difficult messages with large audiences. The options to increase community engagement through art include showcasing items created by survivors, focusing on the artistic aspect of traditional DVAM events, such as the Silent Witness Project.


MCEDSV program and support staff, as well as Resource Center staff, are available to offer support and technical assistance in navigating the tool kit to ensure you have full access to materials. Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions or concerns, and best wishes in planning your awareness month events!



Content Links




               Follow this link to the National Domestic Violence Fact Sheet


               Follow this link to the Michigan Domestic Violence Fact Sheet




               Create Performance Art


               Create Visual Art


               Create Written Art




               Engage communities online


               Engage communities with events




               Follow this link to the Michigan Resource Center on Domestic & Sexual Violence Bibliography



Nothing contained in this Toolkit is to be considered as the rendering of legal advice or expert recommendations. This information and any forms or agreements herein are intended for educational and informational purposes only.



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