Creating Performance Art


"I did not realize that what I do is art. It sure did not start out as art.


The traumatic and catastrophic incident that moved me from being a victim to a survivor of domestic violence was very public. It made the headlines of all the local papers and was the lead story on the television news. My assailant died and I was in a coma. Afterwards, people came rushing up to me as one sees at a car accident. Everyone wanted to hear about my experience, so I started talking. I found that talking about my experience was cathartic. At first speaking was nerve wracking and I cried a lot. The Post Traumatic Stress was almost more than I could stand. After ten years of public speaking about my experience, I find that I bring power and passion to the work to end domestic violence, and to myself, through speaking.


People listen! I often wonder—If my assailant had known what gift I would find in his behavior, would he have just went home and left me alone? Now I am in the stage called Trauma Mastery. I do not think I could have gotten this far without being able to express myself through the spoken word."


Kelly Grandchamp
MCEDSV Survivors' Giving Circle Member



MCEDSV recommends the following links for tips and techniques on creating performance art as a healing tool.


Various ways to create performance art


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Creative internvetions tool kit



Examples of performance art


MCEDSV acknowledges that some content may trigger emotional responses from survivors. Please beware that the content may also contain language that some may find objectionable. Review the following content with care.


Storytelling and Organizing Project - Stories


%20" target="_blank">ASUW Vagina Monologues cast performing Eve Ensler's "Over It"


%20" target="_blank">Andrea Gibson "Letter to a Playground Bully"


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