Creating Visual Art

“I developed an organization called Be A Voice Arts. BAVA is me, Michelle Johnson Major. It is my story and it is my art. My show depicts various self portraits I painting during my abusive marriage and afterwards. The paintings are tortured and emotional representations of fear and terror and the feeling of being trapped in a helpless, hopeless situation. In addition to showing portraits depicting the pain of abuse, I now show many of my portraits that were butchered by my husband. "How Do You Paint the Portrait of Domestic Violence?" shows the paintings my husband destroyed in an effort to bring awareness to the ugly secret many women are hiding.”


 Michelle Johnson Mayer
Be a Voice Arts, From the BAVA website




 MCEDSV recommends the following links for tips and techniques on creating performance art as a healing tool.


Various ways to create visual art


Creating a pledge wall


Creating a mural


Creating images for your cause


Creating a board


Creating a comic


Creating a Tumblr cause


Examples of visual art


MCEDSV acknowledges that some content may trigger emotional responses from survivors. Please beware that the content may also contain language that some may find objectionable. Review the following content with care.


A Window Between Worlds -- A variety of art exhibits


Beating Hearts -- Collage and stories


The Domestic Violence Series Foundation -- Oil Paintings


Stacie Dubay's "The Door"


Expressive Art Workshops


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