Creating Written Art

"I have used the arts to help myself heal from past trauma. As a survivor, I found writing and performing imperative to my healing process because it gave me a place to take it and tell it. Some survivors of sexual assault and domestic violence are taught to stay quiet, keep secrets, and remain ashamed of what has happened to them. The arts is a wonderful way to help integrate expression back into the lives of those who have been hurt, silenced and immobilized. The experience is two fold in that as a performer I get to share my story and sometimes the stories of others, while at the same time shedding light on the dynamics involved in sexual assault or domestic violence. Through the arts one can manage the frustration and anger that comes with being perpetrated against and provide a healthy alternative to coping with that pain. To create a work of art, or knitting, or reciting poetry, or singing, or dancing, or making something happen with your hands can take the focus off the pain and provide an opportunity to use your talents and energy towards something positive and meaningful."


Kalimah Johnson
Sasha Center



MCEDSV recommends the following links for tips and techniques on creating written art as a healing tool.


Various ways to create written art


Creating a comic


Writing an article


Creating and writing a blog


Creating a Tumblr cause


Writing and producing a play



Examples of written art


Stop Violence Everyday Stories


Dora E. McQuaid -- Poet


%20" target="_blank">Excerpt from "Trust: Second Acts in Young Lives"



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