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"Engaging a customer base is of course a very important part of social media. It is vital, truly, to the overall success and long-term growth of a given company/brand’s following and fan base in the social media space."

Steve Olenski
Social Media Today


Using internet technology to promote awareness has had a significant impact on social change and grass root movements. Now, you have the ability to get your message out quickly, efficiently and inexpensively to your key dedicated supporters. You also have quickly have access to their networks of contacts and a broad general audience that may be interested in learning more that you could only reach through expensive methods previously.


As with all changes, there are some very important considerations to address:


  • Online communications often allow for feedback and interaction. While this is a tremendous benefit, it occasionally brings responses that are in direct opposition to your message. Prior to launching, have a plan to handle comments. For an example, follow this link.


  • Follow all copyright and restrictions on the works you share online. Out of respect for others work and legal requirements, if you are sharing someone else's work, always ask for permission. Many authors encourage wide distribution of their creations.


  • If you post your own photos, videos and images, have a photo/video release form to inform subjects that your organization posts and shares images. This allows them an opportunity to have their images removed from use. For an example, follow this link.


  • While social media sites and the materials you post can be very cost-effective, in most cases free, they do require time. Social media sites and blogs without regular updates fail to gain regular traffic or attention. Be willing to dedicate the time to and delegate the opportunity to keep your pages updated and fresh often.


MCEDSV recommends the following links for tips and techniques on engaging a community while using online tools.


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Examples of engaging communities online


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