Engaging with Events

"My experiences of using art to heal and raise awareness are through the performing arts, acting. Specifically using funny voices! As a kid I could always do voices, but never thought it would be a job skill. After ten years in the dv/sa movement giving talks as a community educator, I had an idea to say the same things I was saying only using funny voices and costumes, occasionally using video clips, and make it funny! It helped to impact audiences who were more resistant to the message, and raised awareness by going deeper by helping to make them laugh. The message goes from funny to serious. Many audience members have come up to me after a performance and thanked me for helping to reach them in a way they have not been reached before."


Ben Atherton-Zeman
Spokesperson for National Organization for Men Against Sexism (NOMAS)


MCEDSV recommends the following links for tips and techniques on utilizing art as a way to engage with the community.


Various ways to host events for community engagement


Host a movie screening


Host a benefit concert


Host a food drive concert


Host an art show


Host a book club


Host an art day


Host an art share


Samples of events for community engagement


View the Facebook event page for an upcoming event


View the website event page for an upcoming event


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