Survivor Law Project Research, Briefs, and Pleadings Bank

This page contains documents meant to support legal advocacy for survivors of crime. This is not legal advice.


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Legal Research Reports

Sample Pleadings for Michigan State Court

Sample Pleadings for Federal Court

Sample Brief Language

This project partially funded by the Victims of Crime Act

Survivor Law Project

Envisioning a system of criminal and civil justice that supports empowered recovery and does not re-traumatize victims, MCEDSV’s Survivor Law Project aims to identify and close gaps in services to all crime victims throughout Michigan



The Survivor Law Project can help you with:

  • Legal, technical support to troubleshoot specific legal questions for victim advocates, attorneys, and agencies. Click Here
  • Expert-witness referrals to trained experts in the fields of domestic violence and sexual assault. Click Here
  • Research and sample briefs and pleadings for cases involving crime victims. Click Here
  • Direct litigation support on cases that implicate systemic gaps for crime victims. Click Here
  • Online and in-person trainings to enhance advocacy for all survivors. Click Here
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This project partially funded by the Victims of Crime Act 




Protecting Crime Victims – Webinars 2017

Protecting Crime Victims
-Recorded on


Protecting Crime Victims Webinar I


Protecting Crime Victims Webinar II


Protecting Crime Victims Webinar III

Expert Witness 2017

October 11 Participant Materials, Please print if you would like to have a copy on which to take notes


Expert Witness Training Agenda - Oct. 11 2017

Notes Slides for Admissibility and Scope

PC Wheel - Police Perpetrating DV

PC Wheel - Post Separation - Abuse of Mom and Children

PC Wheel - Abuse of Children

PC Wheel - Definition Obfuscation & National Resources

PC Wheel - Gender Neutral

PC Wheel - Nurturing Children

SAMLPE CV - H Rosen - Used in EWT Training Oct 2017

SAMPLE - Description of Testimony for Defense - H Rosen

SAMPLE - Description of Testiomony- Family & Prosecution - H Rosen

SAMPLE - DV Questions and Answers - H Rosen

SAMPLE - Summary of Expert Testimony - Family or Prosecution - H_Rosen

SAMPLE - Summary of Expert Witness Testimony - Defense - H_Rosen

SAMPLE INVOICE for Travel Reimbursement - Expert Witness Testiomony

SAMPLE Qualification Questions and Answers - H Rosen

Holly Rosen - Presentation - Expert Witness Training - Oct. 11 2017

Schmittdiel Power point slides


Practice Session Materials for the Evenings of October 13, 16, and 17

Saunders on DV in family courts

Article VAWA net on Male Heterosexual Survivors

Guide on men in abusive relationships

Meier article debunking alienation highlighting problem

Mock deposition treater Rebordeau

Mock deposition treater Rebordeau part II

Counter article by alienation proponents responding to criticism

Mock case management order

Mock Dad expert deposition Sam Stein

Mock deposition of Mom expert Jamie Larkin

Mock deposition of treater McWilliams

Mock deposition treater Delvo

Mock Domestic Violence Inventory of Dan

Mock existing child management order

Mock Guardian Ad Litem Recommendation

Larance Women's use of force

Save The Date Title IX

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